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Adhesive Hair Removal Roller

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Short description
  • Adhesive roller for collecting dog and cat hair
  • Also remove pet hair from the fabric
  • Useful handle
  • Removes Hair & Lint: Easily captures and removes pet hair, lint and other impurities from your clothes and fabrics.
  • Easy to use: The ergonomic handle design allows for comfortable and precise use on any textile surface.
  • Long Lasting: Each roller contains numerous adhesive sheets, offering long-lasting effectiveness before needing replacement.
  • Eco-friendly: Avoid wasting disposable adhesive strips and contribute to more sustainable daily cleaning.
  • Portable: The Adhesive Roller is compact and can be taken anywhere, ensuring you always look flawless.
  • Time Saver: Save precious time compared to using sticky strips or vacuum cleaners to remove hair from fabrics.

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  • Are you tired of picking up your pet's hair scattered around the house? Thanks to GRO 5952, a convenient adhesive roller, your problem is now solved: you can, in fact, get rid of dog and cat hair from fabrics, chairs, furniture, beds, sofas and all domestic surfaces.
  • With a practical plastic handle, it is very simple to pass the roller made up of adhesive sheets over the affected areas, eliminating the problem of hair scattered around the house. Very useful accessory for quick cleaning, it is made up of 48 adhesive sheets, for a total length of 720 cm.
  • Free your fabrics from annoying hair and lint with the Adhesive Hair Remover Roller. This simple but highly effective tool is the ideal solution to keep your clothes and fabrics at home always clean and tidy.
  • The sticky roller features specially designed sticky sheets that capture and remove pet hair, lint, crumbs and other small impurities. It's perfect for quick grooming and getting ready in moments, without having to use expensive adhesive strips or vacuuming.
  • The ergonomic handle design allows you to handle the roller with ease and precision on any textile surface. When the sticker sheet is full, simply peel it off to reveal a new sheet ready for use. It is an eco-friendly and convenient option for the daily maintenance of your home.
  • Take the Adhesive Hair Remover Roller wherever you go, from work to home, for an always flawless appearance. Be ready to eliminate unwanted hair in an instant and enjoy the freshness of your clothes with this practical and effortless tool.

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Adhesive Hair Removal Roller

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