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Bison N10000 DC energizer

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Short description
  • High Power : Provides a powerful electrical charge of up to 10,000 volts, ideal for long fences and large areas.
  • DC Power : Runs on direct current (DC) power, making it compatible with batteries and solar panels for flexible use.
  • Robust Design : Constructed with weather-resistant materials, ensuring long life and reliability in all weather conditions.
  • Energy Efficiency : Optimized energy consumption to extend battery life and reduce operating costs.
  • Animal Protection : Designed to be safe for animals, providing a deterrent but non-harmful shock.
  • LED Indicator : Equipped with LED lights that indicate the operating status and power of the fence, making it easy to monitor and maintain.
  • Easy Installation : Comes with detailed instructions for quick and easy setup, even for non-expert users.
  • Versatility of Use : Suitable for a variety of applications, including pens for cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock.
  • Safety Certifications : Complies with European safety regulations for energizers, ensuring safe and reliable use.
  • Accessories Included : Comes with all accessories needed for installation, including connection cables and insulators.

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  • High performance 230V electric fence energizer
  • High power reserves
  • Usable for sheep nets and very long fences
  • Made for the toughest conditions
  • Low impedance technology
  • With LED ground tester with digital fence tester
  • With LED fence tester, device and grounding check
  • Warning sign included
  • Our new developed high-end electric fence energizer BISON N10000 DC has maximum power for the most demanding applications, for effective game protection and for long fences requiring maximum power. The energizer operates on low impedance technology and therefore is the best choice for maximum length fences. It performs all types of natural coverage and is energy saving, although it has a very high output power.
  • Its microprocessor controls, the digital fence tester and the multi- LED ground control makes it one of the most comfortable energizers to use. A second power outlet, reduced power, is available for shorter fences, more sensitive animals or applications where less power is required.

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Bison N10000 DC energizer

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