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Extruded Flax 25 kg - Natural nutrition for the well-being of livestock

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  • 25kg Extruded Flax: a natural choice to enrich your livestock's diet with essential nutrients.
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids. fundamental for the health of the skin, fur and immune system of animals.
  • Extruded flax offers heart health benefits and supports the overall health of your livestock.
  • Integrating extruded flax into your diet. contribute to the shine of the fur and the well-being of the skin of your animals. It helps improve digestive function and maintain a correct nutritional balance.
  • Extruded flax is a natural way to support the overall health and well-being of your livestock.
  • It guarantees a source of high quality nutrients for a complete and balanced diet.
  • Find out how extruded flax can contribute to improving the performance and health of your animals.
  • Enhance your livestock's diet with our 25kg extruded flax. a natural and high quality solution.
  • Invest in your pets' health by offering them a reliable source of key nutrients through our premium extruded flax

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  • Intergator and food supplement based on extruded flax in 25 kg bags.
  • Extruded flax is rightly considered one of the most effective protein supplements for livestock, especially indicated for cattle and horses.
  • Tasty and appetizing, it is much appreciated by animals.
  • Flax supplementation is indicated for correcting food rations that do not have an optimal calcium phosphorus ratio, and can also be used as an exclusive protein source.
  • The contribution of microelements essential for animal welfare such as zinc and cobalt is notable.
  • Intake has a tonic and slightly laxative effect which promotes intestinal transit and improves the health conditions of livestock.
  • Our 25kg Extruded Flax is the ideal natural solution to ensure the well-being of your livestock. With superior quality, this extruded flax offers a source of natural fibre, helping to meet the nutritional needs of your herd.
  • Rich in essential nutrients, extruded flax promotes healthy digestion in animals, supporting gastrointestinal health. Its natural quality makes it an ideal option to supplement the diet of livestock, providing a balanced nutritional intake.
  • The convenience of the 25kg pack makes it easy to manage and store, offering a convenient option for pet care. Add our Extruded Flax to your livestock's diet to promote overall animal health and well-being, while ensuring superior nutritional quality.

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Extruded Flax 25 kg - Natural nutrition for the well-being of livestock

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