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Insulating ring with wooden wire

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Short description
  • Insulator ring with long shaft (20cm)
    • Reliable Insulation: Our wood wire insulation ring provides reliable and safe insulation for electrical applications.
    • Quality Materials: Made of high-quality materials, the wooden wire ensures durable and resistant performance.
    • Easy Installation: The insulating ring is designed for easy installation, making electrical wiring more efficient.
    • Guaranteed Safety: Help ensure the safety of your electrical applications with effective insulation.
    • Versatile and Practical: Suitable for a variety of uses, this component is a versatile addition to your electrical insulation system.
    • Durability Over Time: Thanks to resistant materials and reliable insulation, the product is designed to last over time.
    • Improved Performance: By using the wood wire insulator ring, you can improve the performance of your electrical applications.
    • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of electrical applications, it is the ideal choice for professionals and industry experts.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with electrical safety regulations and offers peace of mind in your installations.
    • Safe Investment: Buy with confidence, knowing that you are getting a high quality component for your electrical insulation system.

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  • Insulator Ring with Long Shaft (20cm) Wooden Wire (qty 10)
  • Packing unit: (qty 10)
  • The insulating ring with wooden wire is a fundamental component to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of your electrical systems. This versatile and reliable device offers high-quality insulation, helping to protect electrical applications and maintain continuity of operations.
  • Its distinctive feature is the high-quality wooden wire used for insulation. Wood is known for its natural insulating properties and has been used successfully for generations in electrical applications. The wooden wire insulating ring takes full advantage of these characteristics, offering an effective insulating barrier that helps prevent short circuits and ensure the safety of the systems.
  • The versatility of this component makes it suitable for a wide range of electrical applications, including industrial, residential and commercial installations. Its ease of installation saves time and effort, making electrical wiring more efficient.
  • In addition to insulation effectiveness and ease of use, the wood wire insulation ring offers long-lasting durability. Made with high-quality materials and rugged construction, it is designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions, helping to ensure long-term continuity of operations.
  • Using the insulating ring with wooden wire means investing in the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems. Compliant with electrical safety regulations, this component offers peace of mind and reliability in your installations.
  • Choose the wood wire insulation ring to improve the insulation and safety of your electrical applications. It is the ideal choice for professionals and industry experts looking for a high-quality component for their electrical projects.

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Insulating ring with wooden wire

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